Where do I start? Writing is not really my thing, but entertaining? Bring it on!

This blog is inspired by all the people who have bugged me about how I plan my parties, come up with all my crafty ideas and the awesome food I cook. When I say “bug”, it’s more of a them saying “Wow you throw such epic parties!” and “It’s all so great & beautiful!” and I’m like “Oh thank you, you're too kind.” but in my head I’m like F*ck yeah I throw awesome parties!”. I truly appreciate the compliments I get from everyone, no really - I genuinely love the attention. It makes me want to throw even more impressive parties one after another.

The food I cook is all about searching for the right recipes and giving it my own twist! Nobody likes boring food, and nobody likes slogging in the kitchen for hours. No sir, not me. Taking out all those pots and pans and what not. Then feeling bad for my husband because the poor guy has to do all the dishes. My solution - find easy and quick recipes, and voila! You've got great tasting healthy food every day (well almost always healthy).

Getting back to the point…this blog ‘Peachpartylove’ is my way of sharing with everyone my take on anything and everything. From parties to shopping and cocktails to quick cooking. My ramblings may excite or shock, but definitely won’t bore!! Don’t mind the language, I will be brash and obnoxious at times because that’s who I am and this blog is exactly that- a reflection of ME!

So here’s the deal, if you like what you see get in touch and coffee is on me. We’ll plan your party and everything in between, trust me you won’t have to do a thing!! (Except pay me of course. Duh!)

Wow, who knew I could rhyme?! Huh! Maybe that’s gonna be my new thing!! Ummm maybe NOT!!

But what I will do is this: Help you plan, design and execute everything you need for your event based on your personal style and budget. Because I believe every occasion deserves a unique party whether it be Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Holiday Parties, Wedding Anniversaries, Engagements, Graduations, or even Crazy Viewing Parties, Art Parties, Award Season, Brunches, Sit-down Dinners, Intimate Gatherings And More…

Last but not least, feel free to share, tweet, leave a comment and talk about this blog! I’d love to hear from you. 


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